Nora Puzzle is a new project of New York based artist Nate Harris.

In 2019 he used his father’s scroll saw to cut plywood into shapes resembling the letters of his niece's name: NORAH. What started as a Christmas gift has evolved into puzzles for friends, their newborns, and numerous commissions (notably a project for Warby Parker’s headquarters in NYC).

He believes that the line between a toy and a sculpture is very thin and it is a joy for his work to be experienced in this way.

Each puzzle is 100% custom and made by hand in Brooklyn, NY.


The Letters

NORA letters use 7/8th” Poplar wood. All sharp edges are softened and follow choking hazard standards. Letters are colored using a food safe wood wax oil.

The Bag

NORA puzzles come in a complimentary canvas dust bag. Use the bag to hold loose pieces, to store your puzzle, or perhaps use it to carry a bottle of wine!

The Tray

NORA trays are constructed using Red Oak and Walnut, and are finished with a 100% food safe danish oil. The frame serves as a tray in which the puzzle pieces can live. Or perhaps use it as an imaginary skateboard!